Getting started is easy.

We start with a simple email interview to determine if your app is a good fit for Peak App Care. If it seems like your app is a good fit, we follow up a 30 minute phone call. If you decide to Peak App Care is right for you, then you will be sent the sign up link.


Initial Interview

Not every app is right for Peak App Care, and we're not right for every business. That's why we start the process with a short email interview followed by a 30 minute phone call. If after the interview you decide Peak App Care is right for your business, we send you the sign up link.

Granting Access

Once you sign up, we work with you to grant us access to your app's source code. We also help you with setting up access for us to make and manage application builds on your behalf.

Updating Your App

In order to provide crash detection within your app we must add a small, widely used crash reporting library to your app. This is the only modification we require before we can begin monitoring your app.

Monitoring Your App

Once your app has been approved by Apple, we start monitor your app for crash reports. As soon as a crash report is received, we start work on fixing the problem. We let you know immediately when the crash is reported and when the fix is done. And of course you can request us to work on any small jobs needed for your app at any time.